Case Studies

Mooring Tech

Mooring Tech became the first certified retailer of Panasonic computing products geared towards emergency, first responders, military and police departments and have grown exponentially since their first day in business.

Shumate Mechanical

Shumate had been servicing residential and commercial customers in the Atlanta market for over 25 years.

They were managing an internally built and dated website with an IT staff and were beginning to feel their status in the marketplace was suffering with competitors outranking them in the search engines.

S&S Fire Pits

This company makes a killer product that is designed to last a lifetime.  In a market filled with flimsy junk, they built a product and a message of absolute lifetime quality.   They double in revenue every year so far.   

FEI Group

FloorExpo grew to be the largest member-driven alliance for single-family flooring contractors. Their network of entrepreneurs serves the top 50 builder markets in America. 

FloorExpo expanded into multiple other related marketplaces in the building industry.  They currently enjoy member sales totaling more than 4 billion annually.

Blue Marble Media

This veteran media company needed both a website that they had control over and a better search presence.

They needed consulting, development and ad management services as well as easy tracking of the results.

Atlanta Chiropractic

This relatively new business had a website that was technically owned by the provider of the site. 

The same company was also offering SEM services.  After trying them, they failed to see any new business, so they felt stuck and the expense was draining them.

Stein Designs​

Stein Designs is a local Atlanta concrete specialist that is known for everything from patios and retaining walls to foundations for new construction products.


Avera & Smith​

We identified the key players, their strengths and weaknesses and recommended a list of 54 terms closely related to their areas of expertise.

In the end Avera & Smith achieved top 5 rankings for the terms targeted and search traffic increased by 309%.

Steady Hand Painting​

Steady Hand Painting needed an edge in a highly competitive market dominated by much larger, nationwide companies as well as a plethora of underqualified part-time organizations.

Within 6 months of working with us, Steady Hand Painting added $300,000 to their bottom line.

"These guys are my secret weapon.   We have worked with Smart Marketer since we started our business and have always been really happy with the results.

When they started to use their real-time custom audiences for us - the floodgates opened.  It's Unreal.  We are up over 300% in 12 months."
Andrew Stivers
S&S Fire Pits