Mooring Tech

Client Name:  Mooring Tech
Project Type: Web Development, Consulting, SEO, PPC

Project Overview

Mooring Tech was a startup selling specialized computing products manufactured by Panasonic.  The products (ToughBooks) had been historically sold via Panasonic directly only to military, police and first responders.   A meeting directly with Panasonic resulted in them allowing Mooring Tech the chance to prove their concept sales to end users that wanted a computer that was rugged, reliable and even waterproof in some cases.

Mooring Tech became the first certified retailer of Panasonic computing products geared towards emergency, first responders, military and police departments and have grown exponentially since their first day in business.

The Smart Marketer Solution

Smart Marketer started with extensive keyword research and market analysis, which proved to be challenging as there was no previous marketplace for these devices to end users so data was scant and left a lot of questions as to the viability of this venture.

“I cannot imagine what would have happened if we had not worked with Smart Marketer.   From our very first day in business, PPC Campaigns have been surprisingly profitable and growing every year for more than 10 years straight Jeffrey Moore – Co-Owner

Smart Marketer built a custom .NET shopping cart and a clean, fast ecommerce site to showcase all of the products.  Additionally the tone of the product descriptions were all recreated in the language of this new end user.  A regular person who needed a rugged computer to take out in the field for construction, engineering or any environment where they might need additional protection from the elements, drops, spilled liquid, etc.

A custom organized PPC campaign was built that encompassed all of the model names and specific product specs as well as a general campaign of searchers just looking for a durable computer that would last.   


The very first day in business the company sold $5000 worth of product.   But, the growth did not stop there.   As ongoing maintenance and management of the campaigns went on, they continued to grow and closed their first year of business with 3.2M in sales.

The following years the business continued to grow and  skyrocketed to 9.6M, 14.2M and 18.6M in sales.  To date, Mooring Tech has sold more than 263M in product sales and were acquired in late 2022.