Lowers Cost & Scales

Better Performing Ads Get Served More Often For Less Cost

Lower CPC, CPA and other key performance metrics are a huge benefit to our product.

The reason the cost is lower is primarily based on two specific things.

  1. These are custom audiences
  2. the engagement level, CPR etc tends to be good and therefore less expensive.

It’s a deep subject and you are welcome to go down the rabbit hole here for more information.

Custom audiences are a feature that allow you to upload a spreadsheet of email addresses or phone numbers.

Facebook and Google offer them and they can be incredibly effective for laser targeting your ad budget to known individuals.

They can be used for customer lists, newsletter subscribers or all of the parents on your kids soccer league.

But the great part is that they are significantly (20%-50%) less  expensive than traditional paid ads.

Since you are bypassing any of the challenges of ranking, scoring and competing for terms,  you are also not using any of that part of their technology.  So the price is less.

Essentially, engagement is driven by interest level.

The engagement tends to be higher with our audiences since they are based on the behaviors of converters.

And one thing we know for sure is that converters are as fully engaged as they will ever be right before buying.