Identify In Market Prospects

This Is Where It Gets Interesting

As visitors are coming into your website, our technology is segmenting those visitors into 1 of 5 different groups:

  1. Bounces & Bots
  2. Low Interest Visitors
  3. Medium Interest Visitors
  4. High Interest Visitors
  5. Converted Visitors

Bounces, Bots & low interest visitors are excluded from any further exposure to your ads.

Medium and High interest visitors are added to remarketing campaigns, sales funnels or follow up campaigns to move them down the funnel toward conversion.

Converters are put into their own segment and a custom lookalike audience is created based on all of the actions that preceded them converting – all in real time.

The lookalike technology of Facebook, Google & Others is modeling everything that they did before they converted.

This includes just about anything you can think of that a prospect might do – online or offline.

  • Keyword searches
  • Url by Url browsing pattern
  • Videos searched or watched
  • Groups they have joined
  • Social media likes and follows
  • Competitors Viewed
  • Blogs or articles read
  • Related products purchased
  • Books bought or being read
  • Locations visited

Our segmentation and distribution technology along with “look alike” audiences on platforms like Facebook and Google enable us to find more people who are behaving exactly like your converters.

This instantly scales your ad reach to new prospects that are introduced to your brand wherever they are, on any device at just the right time based on their own behavior.

From Google Shopping, Search, LinkedIn or Instagram to YouTube or TikTok your offer can be right in front of the right prospect.  At the right time,  automatically and you don’t have to do anything to maintain it.

No new tools to learn, no new ads to test.

Sound interesting?  Try it for free for 30 days.