Fraud and Bot Prevention

How Much Of Your Ad Budget Is Being Lost?

The exact numbers vary, but estimates of 25% of all paid traffic being fraudulent are regularly discussed by authoritative individuals and brands.


If that were even half true for your particular business – it’s devastating.


By simply eliminating this worthless traffic from your ad spend, you are already saving money.


So you are stretching ad budget and now advertising only to real people who are already interested. Not Scambots.


The even worse part about click fraud is that sometimes, the fake traffic gets re-marketed to and pushed through your sales funnel.


So your ads end up being shown to worthless bots again, thus leading to pollution of your data and even more waste.


It’s a real problem, and there are services aplenty that offer protection from this.


But with as critical a cost driver as this is, we include this with all of our packages.  Frankly, it is the lowest of “low hanging fruit” to address when it comes to cleaning up waste.


We attack this problem in several different ways, but primarily we are creating custom audiences based on real behavior of a person that we have identified.


Bots don’t buy products and our modeling is based off of sales and conversions.


This alone more than pays for anything spent by ensuring that all of your paid marketing is being seen by real people, with real behaviors like your customers do.


Let’s talk about what it could do for your campaigns.