Relax. This Is Not A Sales Call

So if you were looking for some kind an elaborate sales pitch or presentation presentation of some type, sorry. No dice.

We will cut right to the chase and take a look at the “brass-tacks” facts (the performance data) on what you are doing right now to market your business – and how it could be improved.

From the calls to action, speed and performance of your website to the ads you are running and the results you are getting.

It normally takes about 15-20 minutes for us to get the information we need.  Then we go to work for you.

After our call (24-48 hours) you will receive by email:

  1. A comprehensive & easy to understand report like this one.
  2. Notes on areas that need attention & have the most impact – the fastest.
  3. A walk-through & analysis video of your web site/store/landing page.
  4. Recommended next steps & how to do them or where to go get them done for you.

We will point you in the right direction well as answer questions you probably have.

If it even makes sense for us to talk about working together, we can explore that at a later date.

So if you’ll find a time on the calendar to the right that works for your schedule, you will get several easy-to-implement changes that will result in an additional 1% of your website visitors turning into actual prospects.

We look forward to meeting you – talk soon.

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