Data Relevance & Purity

You Must Take Out The Trash

Garbage in. Garbage out.  When you are creating custom audiences, bots and bounces pollute your data, so it’s critical they are removed.

If you want to create perfect lookalike audiences, then you have to have only the exact behaviors you want more of in your seed audience.

We see incorrect or just bad usage of seed audiences all the time.

Often, people will take an existing customer list or a subscriber database and attempt to make a look-alike audiences – with little to so success.

The issue is that the people in these audiences have converted at different times (if they did at all).

If the conversion was not really recent, then the algorithms will not as easily be able to find the commonalities in the behavior that we are looking for.

“Data is only an asset if you can organize it and make it actionable. Otherwise it is just a pile of bits…”
David Dowhan TruSignal

Our technology segments out any non-converting visitors and feeds the converted visitors in real time to a lookalike audience on multiple platforms.

So the seed list contains nothing but converters at the time of conversion itself.  This provides a crystal clear model for the algorithm to work from.

Real time, clean, perfectly segmented data makes all of the difference.   Plus, we can prove it to you for free.