Segment & Optimize

Using Behavioral Data To Divide & Conquer Your Marketplace

Not all visitors are the same. Not even close.

After removing the bots and bounced traffic, we take the non-converting traffic and segment it into:

  1. Cold Traffic.  They are sort of interested, so we give them a second chance…for a few days to warm them up by highlighting key benefits and features.
  2. Warm Traffic – They spent time on the site, they watch videos, maybe shared your stuff on social media.  We will target them slightly more aggressively.
  3. Hot Traffic – They spent a lot of time on your site.  Maybe read reviews and added your product to their shopping cart and got pricing.   We will email these people and start a conversation while remarketing to them to push them to conversion.

We will dynamically move these people through these different segments as their behavior changes. If they purchase they are excluded from any further marketing.

Your budget is being allocated and adjusted up to the minute, 24/7/365.  This gives you an unfair advantage over your competition in a simple, automated process.