Shumate Mechanical

Case Study: Shumate Mechanical

Client Name: Shumate Mechanical
Project Type: Web Presence, CMS, PPC & Organic SEO

Project Overview

The Shumate Mechanical project was a rebirth of an HVAC company that was 25 years in the making.

We built a new website, Content Management System and a blog and launched a full scale PPC & Search Engine Optimization campaign that changed everything for this Atlanta company.

The results are some that we are most proud to have been a part of.

Business Need

Shumate Mechanical had been servicing residential and commercial customers in the Atlanta market for over 25 years.

They were managing an internally built and dated website with an IT staff and were beginning to feel their status in the marketplace was suffering with competitors outranking them in the search engines for almost all related terms they were interested in.

Historically, the company had generated business through expensive radio ads and billboards, yellow pages and local newspaper ads, but they knew it was time to capture search traffic for this highly competitive market with thousands of daily searches.

The Smart Marketer Solution

We started with the research of the marketplace and of the larger competitors in the HVAC space.   The strategy developed involved a complete rebuild of the existing corporate website on the WordPress platform.

This would allow simple, web based management of all of the online content, multiple users and permissions and the development of an official company blog.

A custom design that Shumate had created by an outside firm was used and Smart Marketer handled coding the site out to be a responsive, cross-browser compatible and work on all modern devices.

Once the development of the site was completed Smart Marketer developed and executed a comprehensive PPC campaign as well as an in-depth SEO campaign, guest blogging, press releases and fresh original content targeting 134 different HVAC related terms in the Atlanta Area.


With a combination of organic SEO & actively managed PPC campaigns,  Shumate was dominating the search landscape with multiple first page rankings with both paid and organic content in very short order.  Appointments with new customers followed with an increase of more than 60% of new, inbound prospects.

Monthly meetings were established with all members of  management and marketing to educate the staff on the strategies being utilized and their effect on the organic rankings.

Within three months, Shumate was ranking on the first page for 75% of the terms being targeted.  Within 6 months the rankings included all of the targeted terms being in the top 3 results organically and with paid ads. 

By the end of the 12 month campaign all terms targeted were dominated by the Shumate Mechanical Brand.

More than seven figures were added to the bottom line for Shumate in 12 months and they continue to dominate local HVAC rankings.