Steady Hand Painting

Client: Steady Hand Painting
Project Type: Web Development, PPC and SEO

Project Overview

The Steady Hand Painting project was comprised of several key elements that needed to work together to quickly establish Steady Hand Painting as the leader in a quickly growing and highly localized market.

Smart Marketer developed a new identity, web presence and marketing campaign, as well as integrating several communication tools that connected Steady Hand Painting to their customers seamlessly and instantly generated a constant flow of highly qualified prospects and a much higher conversion of prospects to new customers.

Business Need

Steady Hand Painting wished to establish themselves as a provider of high-end painting and historic restoration services in select neighborhoods of intown Atlanta that were enjoying a rapid increase in property values.

Real-time feedback and flexibility was needed for the marketing message and ad content as well as the budgetary constraints of those marketing efforts on a day by day basis. Measurability and maximum ROI was essential for the success of not only this campaign, but as a benchmark for possible future franchising.

These guys are beyond amazing. I launched my business with little more than a hope and a prayer. I struggled along for over a year until I met the team at Smart Marketer.

Within 6 months, I was meeting clients with budgets larger than I would have earned in an entire year prior to working with Smart Marketer.

The bottom line: In the last 3 years since then, my business has generated over 2.4 million dollars in sales – painting houses.
The overall return on the investment I made in my business is in the 2000 percent range!

I would recommend these guys to my own mother. They are that good.

Micheal Haggerty
Steady Hand Painting

The Smart Marketer Solution

Steady Hand Painting needed an edge in a highly competitive market dominated by much larger, nationwide companies as well as a plethora of underqualified part-time organizations.

Smart Marketer used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Google, Overture and Yahoo to very quickly position Steady Hand Painting in the top 7 of the major search engines.

An entirely new corporate identity was developed, along with a fresh Flash / .asp hybrid web site. A portfolio was designed featuring photos by Bluetack Photography to showcase the quality of Steady Hand Paintings work and open up additional niche markets in Cabinet Refinishing and Deck Maintenance.

Smart Marketer then integrated an email management application to allow Steady Hand Painting to  easily communicate with all of their customers, prospects and employees with real-time tracking of individuals who click through to the web site so that easy measurability and identification of the most interested prospects was possible. Thus valuable time could be best spent on the hottest prospects.

Additionally, Smart Marketer added a 3rd party Live Support application that automatically greets visitors to the site and proactively asks the visitor if they need assistance as well as adding an additional layer of Measurability with referrer tracking that allows Steady Hand Painting the ability to see exactly where a visitor came from and what search terms brought them to the site, allowing further refinement to the ongoing management of all online marketing efforts.

The Results

An immediate competitive advantage for Steady Hand Painting was acquired by showcasing the company as a top-quality alternative in a specialized market and geographic area.

Within 6 months, Steady Hand Painting had added $300,000 to their bottom line and within 12 months had an additional $650,000 directly attributed to search engine marketing.

The client is able to control all aspects of the content and budget for paid advertising and has a constant influx of new prospects cost-effectively on an ongoing basis.


In December 2019, Steady Hand Painting was acquired by Certa Pro Painters, a prominent national residential painting company as a result of their effectiveness in lead generation and marketing savvy.