Business blogging should be an opportunity to advertise, think, and share your message. However, inexperienced marketers frequently misstep when crafting public content such as blogs. Some of the common pitfalls include becoming overly personal, using terms that are too technical, and failing to understand what drives your customers.  Here are a few ways to avoid […]

While the end goal of a business blog is to help your company be successful, there are several different paths to take, and a successful blog will do much more than drive people directly down your sales pipeline. A business blog can also be a platform for you to use the success from your business […]

When looking to create a business that will last, there are few tools that can have as much power as clients who feel invested and who consider themselves a part of your brand. This “buying in” can take many forms, but one of the most effective ways to do this is through establishing a relationship […]

When writing a business blog, one area to be considered when designing your posts is the balance between posts which are non specifically appealing to a wide variety of potential viewers, and posts which will target a narrow slice of the population. Wide appeal can help spread your message further, and potentially introduce your brand […]

While we often focus on how blogging is an opportunity to expand, market, or grow your company by serving as an interface with the public, an often overlooked feature of creating a blog is that it gives you time for reflection and thought. Taking the time to sit down and write about where you are […]