SEO and Targeted Specificity

Every businessperson with an online presence understands the importance of having a well optimized website. When articles, descriptions, and information are added to the site, it is critical that they be optimized for ranking on the popular search engines. Looking to ensure that your website shows up when your keywords are searched is best done by taking both the website as a whole, and all of its components and looking at them individually.

When looking to increase your SEO rankings, start by looking to understand your audience. And your audience is not necessarily the whole cohort of people who you believe you can serve. Your targeted audience is specifically the subset of the public that is likely to employ you.  For example, if you are a plumber, find out what people are searching for when they might need your services. For this situation, “local plumber” might be a popular search.

However, the more creative you are, the greater variety of potential customers that will be referred to your website. Think about what services are commonly required of you. If there is a frequent service that you perform, such as evaluating water damage and tracing the source of it, including an article on this specialty will help. Then, customers who search for water damage related topics will be sending queries for keywords on your site. Continue this for all of the types of services that you provide. It is your job to know what things people who need you are searching, before they even know that they need you.

If you write your blog posts with things such as this in mind, you are building a network of linked pages with a ton of different possible leads back to your page. Your blog is really a reservoir of keywords which are associated with the type of customers that you typically serve. The richer this reservoir becomes, the more opportunities there will be for a search engine to rank your website.

Including social media in this is another opportunity to better optimize your website. I have talked previously about the benefits of including social media in your blogging. This is another opportunity for links to your page to spread throughout the web. The more connections you have leading back to your page, the more likely you are to have traffic routed your way. Therefore, when blogging for SEO purposes, look to ensure that social media is used.