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  Oftentimes, succeeding in your particular business or specialty or niche, sometimes it can just boil down to knowing something that someone else, in this case, your competition, does not know. So what we’re going to do today is just explore for about five minutes some different ways to look at how you are obtaining […]

Let’s Call Them Behave-Alike Campaigns Instead Real-time behavior beats demographic targeting almost every time and will add significantly to your bottom line fast. Based on the way we’ve seen the Facebook and Google Look-alike algorithm work,  Look-alike Audiences really should be called Behave-alike Audiences because behavior and time have become the dominant factors in determining who’s in the market […]

Business blogs are powerful tools for modern marketing. They bring eyes to your website, highlight your products and brand, and can help you to create engagement in your business model. But one thing which every blogger knows, is that it isn’t always easy to design content that brings customers down your sales pipeline without being […]

If you have a business blog that has any success, you are guaranteed to get comments. Whether they are responses on twitter, facebook, or other social media, or if you have a discussion board on your site, readers will give you feedback. They might be encouraging, offering tips or asking for you to cover a […]

One of the best things you can do for your marketing is to gain the attention of local entities who have audiences. Whether it is a local news station, a popular club, or some other entity which has a well developed audience, if you can gain positive attention, you can extend your advertising into their […]

It’s no secret that most business blogs are created with SEO and discoverability as their top priorities. While the content is important, it is typically ancillary to the main goals of the endeavor. When creating a business blog for the purpose of search engine optimization, selecting and distributing your keywords is critical for efficiency. Additionally, […]