Why Content is Not King

Writing a business blog is an important thing to do for every business. But if you lack experience, you may be surprised to learn that the content of the blog is secondary. While having good content can certainly help your business to flourish, the main benefit of a business blog is that it gives you something to market. Business blogs allow you to have content presence on social media, help with SEO, and give you the ability to reach out to your customers.

Social media is one of the most important parts of the modern world. More and more people are using social media as their only source of news or information about the world. More than that, people build their own networks of similar and dissimilar people. If you can reach parts of your target audience, it is likely that their network will include others who will be potential customers. Therefore, it is critical that you take advantage of this massive resource. Frequent blog posts allow you to more frequently post them to social media. And if you are able to get the ball rolling, shares and links to your blog being put on social media will help you with the second important benefit of blogging.

SEO is another key piece of the puzzle when looking to write a business blog. Frequently updating a website with new and fresh content is one of the easiest ways to boost your ranking on search engines. Shares on social media will also help your SEO, so blogging will help you doubly here. Ranking higher on search engines is only becoming more and more important as web culture matures. Studies have shown that when people search, they typically do not go further than the first few links. A second page listing on a popular search engine can be a death sentence. Therefore, having good keywords and tags, with a frequently updated blog can help to push you up and over the edge.

While I stand by the message that content is not the most important reason to blog, that does not mean that content is not the most important thing to focus when writing the blog. Those other factors are reasons to blog outside of sharing content, but the content will still need to be appropriate and high quality in order to garner attention. If your content is low quality, nobody is going to share it or tag their friends. Produce high value content, but focus on using that to create social media standing.