How to Establish Rapport with your Userbase

When looking to create a business that will last, there are few tools that can have as much power as clients who feel invested and who consider themselves a part of your brand. This “buying in” can take many forms, but one of the most effective ways to do this is through establishing a relationship with them. While you cannot have individual relationships with all of your clients, what you can do is give them a sense of community, and give them the impression that they are a part of something.

The first step in establishing this relationship is to understand your clientele. It is best to find a talented writer who is familiar with your userbase and who can be amiable and knowledgeable. This is why many organizations employ professionals to manage their social media and press releases. While you may be great at what you do, it is quite possible that the things which make a CEO successful are quite different from the skills needed to write a blog or do PR. Additionally, it is useful to find someone who will fit in with the demographics that are present in your userbase.

In order for this blogging to successfully ingratiate itself with your users, there are several things that it could do. There is not one specific way, rather, there are multiple paths to take.

The first path is to publish content that is relevant to your userbase. If they find it interesting and want more of it, this will put them in a position where they are happy when they see new posts, and excited to see what you have to see. This puts you in the position of being a trusted provider of something that they enjoy. This is best accomplished when you can have an author who is intimately familiar with the community and a gifted writer.

The second path is to use the blog as a channel for communication. This requires more communication between community managers, company strategizes, and the author of the blog. In this scenario, the blog can be a tool whereby you respond to community feedback. This gives your customers the feeling that their ideas are listened to. Additionally, involving them in your plans allows them to feel like they are part of the brand. Both of these paths are viable, but make sure that you take the steps necessary to make them work.