Blogging as an Opportunity for Mindfulness

While we often focus on how blogging is an opportunity to expand, market, or grow your company by serving as an interface with the public, an often overlooked feature of creating a blog is that it gives you time for reflection and thought. Taking the time to sit down and write about where you are going gives an amazing opportunity to reflect on some of the most important things to keep in mind while running a business. Taking the time to think about your customers interests and desires, their current opinions of you, and your business image are all things to keep in mind.

Taking the time to sit down and think about something is a huge benefit. Sometimes people dismiss terms such as mindfulness as vague meaningless babble, but at its core it is simple and intuitive. If you take the time to devote your mental energy to actively thinking about something, you will be much more able to anticipate problems, create adjustments in strategy, and understand the strengths and weaknesses currently present in your business. There is no magic, it is simply an opportunity to deliberately and meaningfully devote your attention to something.

Blogging in particular is a great way to stimulate thought. The language and language production centers of the brain are strongly connected to areas involved in reasoning and emotion. Simply sitting down and letting words roll onto the page will help to promote thought about your topic. Sometimes we don’t realize how we feel about something until we have had the opportunity to write it out and think about it. Blogging can be an opportunity to not only communicate with others, but think through problems and come out with a fresher and clearer view of the steps that will be needed to overcome them.

You can obtain some of this benefit yourself even without needing to write yourself. Often, CEOs will task an employee with writing credentials the task of blogging, or even outsource the blogging to an experienced writer. If you are involved in the process and helping to choose topics, or even simply reading the blog, it can serve as a tool again to encourage thought about your business model. The way products are seen, the way that your customers interact with you, and what steps you can take to change these things all have the potential to be embedded in writing about your business.