Solve Your Readers Problems

One reason why bloggers commonly focus on explaining common problems to their readers is that the most common search engine strings related to most services are questions asking how to solve certain problems. Users will take to the web wondering how to fix an appliance, how to solve a tax problem, or how to deal with an emotional crisis.

If your posts include solutions to problems that your clients frequently have, you will increase your chances of having good SEO for chains which could lead to business. Therefore, creating blog posts which can solve these problems is a hugely important part of creating a successful online presence.

First, you need to identify the problems which likely customers experience. Specifically, use your experience in your field to look at common problems which have in the past led to work.

Maybe you are an electrician, and you know that flickering lights are a sign that an electrical circuit could be failing. Therefore, creating a blog post which includes strings such as those about flickering lights, fixing them, and what could be causing them.

This will enable people who have problems that you can solve to find your content and your services.

You need not only write about problems which you will solve for money. Providing guides which help people solve some problems by themselves will do two things. First, it will help to bring a wider group of people to your website.

This exposure will help you to spread your brand, and could lead to business in the future. Second, helping people solve problems for free will help to increase the trust you hold.

If people become used to relying on your advice for problems, when they have larger problems they will be likely to return. So writing about problems which are related to common problems that you solve will help you to develop a larger group of potential clients, and establish yourself as an authority figure to be trusted.

Finally, this will help you to create a larger repertoire of indexed pages which contain your keywords. It will be relatively easy for you to find topics to write about, and once you are paying attention, you will be able to see what problems end up taking your clients to you. Every time you meet with a client, pay attention to how they realized that they ended up needing your services, and what could have helped them find you earlier.