Creating Useful Content

A great way to get people to share and read your posts, is to make sure that they contain valuable information. If you create content that answers genuine questions in an accessible and accurate way, you will never have a hard time convincing people to read. This accomplishes several different things, and embracing this style of writing is one of the best thing you can do for your blog.
First, creating useful content is an easy way to boost your SEO. People will frequently search strings such as “how to do x” or “fixing x”. If your title is “how to do x”, then you will start to get these viewers. However, when writing, make sure that your advice is good and concise. Some people fear that if they teach their readers too much, that they will no longer be needed. Ignore this fear! Giving your best advice is how you create a relationship of trust and establish yourself as someone who is experienced and ethical. Giving this advice will help you to get leads and referrals.
Second, creating this useful content encourages your readers to share the content around. They might send it to a relative or friend who is struggling with a problem which you explain how to solve. They might post it on their social media if they frequently see people struggling and believe that your post can help them. Again, don’t be afraid to give your best advice and completely explain how to do something, the same way that you would. If you are not willing to do this, someone else will, and they will be the one gaining the benefit of sharing their expertise.
Finally, work to make sure that your solutions are accessible. Just because you would be able to follow your own instructions, it doesn’t mean that a novice would be able to. Just like any other explanation, a skilled teacher who truly understands the subject material can explain it to someone with no experience, in a way that a first timer can understand. This can be a challenge if you are used to talking with other professionals. Finding someone who has no experienced to read your explanations and finding where they struggle can be a good way to refine your explanations so that they are at the level of the average reader. The more accessible your writing is, the broader your potential audience.