Choosing A Writer

When creating a business blog, the one who will be writing and updating the blog will need to be chosen carefully in order to ensure the success of the blog. For example, you absolutely must examine their responsibilities, and choose wisely.

Depending on your current workload, it can be wise to handle the blog yourself. This is a good idea if you are fairly skilled in media and advertising. Additionally, it can be a time to take a break from your normal responsibilities and gather your thoughts. This can be a valuable opportunity for you to sit back and work differently. The perspective and opportunity that this gives to clear your mind while still being productive can be quite valuable. However, if you are currently overworked and extremely busy, it is probably better to hand off the blog to someone who will be able to devote more time to it.

You should also have the self-awareness to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. If writing, PR, and advertising are not your strengths then this is another reason for you to forego the responsibility of the blog.

When looking to hand the blog off to another, there are several good options. Ideally, you would have a talented writer already in your employ who would be able to take up the job. However, realistically the likelihood of this is fairly low. If your talented employees have the free time to take upon themselves an additional recurring permanent project such as this, then you have not been utilizing them very effectively. Therefore, some companies will do things like outsource writing services or hire part time writers.

When selecting a writer, no matter where you find them, there are several qualities which they absolutely must possess.

The writer must have a good writing voice. Frequent grammatical errors, or an uneducated writing voice will damage your credibility. This blog is seen as a product of your company, and if you are unable to produce quality work here, customers will likely estimate you as incompetent in other areas.

Secondly, the writer must have a good grasp of your goals and values. They must be able to properly integrate your vision and brand into their content. If the writer does not have this intimate understanding of your brand, it will be incredibly difficult for them to produce content which helps to build on your business. At the end of the day, the content is an attempt to bring people who are potential customers to your brand. If the content appeals to the wrong demographic, it could even backfire.