In-Market Prospects

We say it all the time around here.  Because it’s true.   “The most accurate indicator of someones intent to purchase is their own behavior.”

Knowing exactly what someone is looking at, reading reviews of, watching videos of, the searches they are making is the behavior we are talking about.  

It’s what the modern consumer does before they make a purchase, right?   It’s what you do too.

Think about that.  That combination of things that people do before they become your customer or what we are modeling.   It’s unique to your business and it enables us to find other people behaving exactly the same way.

Then we direct all of our marketing towards those that are already demonstrating their intent to purchase via numerous behaviors that are consistent with what your customers are doing. In real time!

Directing the marketing towards those most likely to convert helps control cost, lower cost per acquisition and increase the number of sales.  

This is not theory and we can show it to you in action.