Search Engine Optimization

Right now, someone is searching for your business. If you are not found, you lose.

Today, with so much activity (and revenue) at stake, companies committed to the growth, sustainability, and ultimate prosperity of their brands must align themselves with an experienced, trusted, and confident online marketing agency that’s got the bandwidth, experience and brainpower to pull it all off . . . that’s Smart Marketer.

“Wow! You just introduced us to the automobile. Although we didn’t even know it, we’ve been on horseback all along.”

Eric Mitchell – President – The Professional Pricing Society

Utilizing “panda-proof” methodology; detailed real-time SEO reporting; smart keyword research and implementation; blogging, copywriting and content creation; and cutting edge content management solutions – Smart Marketer generates results that’ll keep your business viable, competitive, and thriving.

When it comes to generating value that exceeds expectations, Smart Marketer delivers the goods.

Our comprehensive SEO solutions have helped clients:

  • Add more than 1 million dollars annually to the bottom line
  • Triple existing website traffic by an astounding 340% in just 7 months
  • Generate 85% of all new business leads from search thanks to our SEO campaigns.
  • Improve conversion by 230% over past results
  • Gain attention from industry leaders and readers alike

There’s just no denying stats like this. We also back all of our work up with up to the minute reporting through our proprietary reporting tools that give you anytime access to every aspect of your campaign.

Including current ranking, email inquiries, incoming phone calls, recordings of incoming calls content being created for your campaign and access to our internal dialog about your project.

Without question, Smart Marketer knows what works, what doesn’t, and how best to create a balanced mixture of intelligent, capable, ‘on-point’ SEO strategies that generates results time and time again.

“Just wanted to let you know. I have seen my new patients via Internet double since signing on with you guys. 
We got TEN new clients this week alone! Thanks a million and keep up the good work.”
Dr. Isaiah Marder – Atlanta Chiropractic & Wellness

So if you’d like to partner with an accomplished SEO firm that aims high, shoots straight, and always hits its target, there’s no need to look any further than Smart Marketer.

Our proven SEO strategies will guide your business to the front of the pack, and have you leading the way in no time.