Clean, Segment & Optimize

Clean Visitor Data Equals Better Performing Audiences

All of the revenue that your website generates comes from just a very small percentage of the overall visitors.

That’s right, most visitors to your website are worthless.

Things like:

  • Bots & Crawlers indexing and analyzing your site
  • Bounced visitors are people who arrive on your site and then leave without taking any further action
  • Low Interest visitors are visitors that are early in the sales cycle or “just looking”
  • Any visitors that don’t convert in some way.  A newsletter subscriber, a buyer, an appointment or consultation request or a phone call.

The examples listed below account for the majority of your traffic.  We clean all of the bounces and low interest visitors from your data and then the following happens:

  1. Add all of your converted visitors into it’s own seed audience.  Multiple conversion types are supported.
  2. Segment the cold, warm and hot visitors, based on how they behave and engage with the site into their own lists.
  3. Publish to all integrated ad platforms. Retargeting audiences (for warm and hot prospects) to reengage them. Lookalike audiences (from your converted visitors) for new customer growth.  In real time.

This provides Facebook and Google perfectly clean, up to the minute data to go out and find additional people who are behaving exactly the same way that your converters were before they converted!

We called it a “path to purchase” and it is a completely custom model of exactly what your customers are doing before they convert.

Garbage In.  Garbage Out.