Blue Marble Media

Client Name: Blue Marble Media
Project Type: Web Development, Consulting,  SEM

Project Overview

S&S Fire Pits is a client that has been with us since they started.   They were a unique start up business selling in the outdoor lifestyle marketplace and competing with larger stores stocking inferior products. They felt that although their product was more expensive, that the quality and lifetime durability of the product would have a special appeal to the discerning homeowner or outdoor enthusiast.

The Smart Marketer Solution

Smart Marketer conducted extensive market research along with budgeting guidelines and competition levels to get an idea of how large the marketplace was. Smart Marketer developed an e-commerce website for S&S and began creating content.   

Over the course of a year with dedicated work we were able to raise the search rankings of the website for hundreds of terms and generate about 5000 visitors monthly through organic search.


We then turned the focus to an RSS feed of all of their products. We were able to optimize the feed and Integrated with several shopping platforms to maximize the reach. Then we integrated our smart prospect technology with 6 different ad platforms to scale their audiences.

“These guys are my secret weapon.  We have worked with Smart Marketer since the beginning on our business and have always been really happy with the results. But, when they started to use their custom audiences for us – the floodgates opened.  We are up 180% in 12 months.”

Andrew Stivers – Co-Owner

Smart Marketer designed and implemented a clean, easy to navigate website and optimized the site well for the search engines.   A content management system was implemented that allowed simple, web based management of all of the online content and the development of an official company blog, which Smart Marketer also created content for on a bi-weekly basis.

Smart Marketer executed an in-depth Local SEM campaign, guest blogging and neighborhood-focused landing pages to highlight new services areas and wrote  original content targeting these specific neighborhoods.


With the use of our Prospect Smart technology, S&S Fire Pits has been able to scale by more than 100% per year every year for 4 years and counting. They have a highly engaged marketplace with a huge following of raving fans.   They generate millions in sales every year and have a growing client base of nearly 10,000 customers and counting.