Lookalike Audiences

How You Can Use The Best Targeting Engines In The World

Platforms like Facebook and Google have the ability to expand your targeting reach by creating “lookalike” audiences — targeting audiences that “look like” a “seed” audience.

This allows you to expand your reach by providing access to prospects who may not be on your radar, but who meet a certain set of criteria common to a group of people you specify – visitors to your website who are already in market, for example.

How It Works

To create an effective lookalike audience, you need to seed the creation of that audience with the proper characteristics for it to be effective.

In other words, in order to create a good lookalike audience, these platforms need to know who that audience should look like. That’s just common sense.

Targeting lists provided by Smart Marketer are the most accurate “seed” audiences available.

Thus, they create the most accurate lookalike audiences, which in turn lead to more relevant ads, higher CTR, lower CPC, and a lower cost per acquisition for your business.

This gives you another powerful only factor for your business.

How We Do It

Because the prospects we utilize in our marketing are based on real-time behaviors, not demographics and not probabilistic data but deterministic data, the commonalities that the platforms analyze to create the lookalike audience are laser-focused.

For example, when we use Google or Facebook analyze a prospect list for your business, their algorithms will quickly determine the behaviors those prospects are exhibiting and share (keyword searches, URL-level navigation, content consumption, etc.) center around one thing — they’re in the market for the product or service your business sells.

Given that the volume of users that they have data on is in the billions, it’s easy for them to provide even more prospects who are exhibiting those same behaviors.

So…the better the input (Smart Marketer’s data), the better the output (Laser-Focused Lookalikes).