Using Keywords to Increase your SEO

One of the main goals of a business blog is to help your website to be found more easily by potential customers. Indexing pages which contain keywords which are likely to be searched is a great way to increase the likelihood that your page is found when these keywords are entered into a search engine. So, when looking to have better ranking on popular search engines, the blog is a great place to start.
First, brainstorm keywords which are likely to be used by potential customers. This will depend on your business, and what type of clients you usually service. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about what they would be searching, about what problems they might have which would lead them to you. Then, once you have created a good solid list of keywords, start brainstorming articles which can be filled with these keywords. For example, if you offer a type of catering, you will want to include keywords such as parties, food, quality, etc.
Then, write titles which use your keywords. The title of a blog post will help the keywords to be more easily scraped, and they will be part of the link to your page. It is important that your content actually be somewhat valuable and relevant, as engaging readers will create a feedback look where your sites overall ranking will increase. As you get more people to click and share your links, your keywords will be spread further. So, after writing titles which prominently feature your keywords, move on to writing interesting and relevant content which will encourage readers to stick around.
Finally, post consistently, and continue brainstorming. In particular, asking clients who found you on the web how they managed to get to your website is a useful too in figuring out which keywords are working. This can be somewhat irritating to some, so use this carefully.
To summarize, as the goal of online blogging is largely increasing your SEO, taking steps to create carefully planned posts which are laden with keywords is a great way to conduct a business blog. Creating situations where you can use words and phrases which are likely to be searched for by customers means that your pages will be more likely to be ranked higher, leading to more business. In the internet age, ranking on in the first few results on a search engine can mean the difference between failure and success.