Using Your Business Blog to Coordinate Real Life Events

While most business blogging is limited to creating a digital following and influencing people to be more likely to come to you for your services, the scope of your blog can be much larger. One way that you can employ your blog differently is to use it as a marketing tool for real life events. For example, if you frequently hold seminars, or your business involves people walking in for your services, your blog can be used to post updates from past functions, and share the details of future meetings. Whether you are teaching self defense classes, giving tax advice, or exercising, a business blog fits extraordinarily well with this type of use.
For example, if you have a special event once a month where you welcome the public and host some type of special class or workshop, this gives you the perfect platform to share the experience. Participants can be encouraged to look up the blog, and if they have a good experience, they can then recommend it to their friends. In turn, the blog can serve as a recruitment and retention tool, where those who have enjoyed the event can relive it, while people who are unsure about attending a future even can be persuaded that it will be worth their while.
Additionally, it gives an incredibly easy update schedule. You will create a post (or two) whenever you have an event. One post sharing the details of the future event and inviting people to attend, and another which chronicles the happenings at the most recent event. There is little to no extra planning which will need to be done, as all the details and facts will be fresh on your mind anyway. So you will not have to worry about sticking to a posting schedule, and you will also not be obliged to think of topics for your next post. These things work together to make it so that a blog which chronicles public events is a remarkably easy addition to your business model.
Therefore, if you have a business where you frequently hold workshops or seminars, consider adding a blog to your website, and marketing it on social media. If these workshops are successful, you clearly already have the marketing skills to get a message to people. Take the extra step of typing up some of your experiences, and you might be surprised at the benefit you receive, in addition to all the SEO benefits of blogging.