Optimizing your Blogging SEO

As blogging is often seen as a tool to improve your SEO, doing it correctly is critical. If you do not understand how to customize your blog content and writing to improve your SEO, then you are leaving potential improvements un done. Therefore, ill give you a few tips to help ensure that you get the most out of your blogging.

  1. Link your own pages. Creating links in your blog post to other pages onyour website helps to create a connected web of pages. This means that there will be more connectedness between your topics. This increase In pathways to your content means that you will be more easily able to draw in customers and bring them deep into your content and products.
  2. Use Social Media. Social media is a very important tool for engaging audiences in the modern web. Nearly all users on the modern web have some type of social media account. Sharing links to your blog posts on social media is another way to spread connections. These links between your blog, website, and social media pages also create more pathways for access, helping search engines to find and prioritize your content.
  3. Use keyword specific phrases. Using phrases and words which are likely to be searched for by potential customers is another great way to increase your blogging SEO. This requires having a good idea of the type of phrases and searches which will be done commonly by your target audience. Identifying the common themes and phrasings used by these people and then incorporating them means that you are increasing the number of indexed pages leading to your site. Therefore, any searches about any topics covered in your blog which are relevant to the rest of your business are likely have you rank better compared to the same search without your blog posts.
  4. Encourage sharing of your links. This has to do with social media and other advertising platforms. If you can get others to begin linking your page across the internet, you will be further spreading the connections back to your page. The further that these spread, the more opportunities there are for search engines to pick up your site, and connect all of the pieces back to you. Many business have promotions or other events which encourage the sharing of the links to their content. How you achieve this is up to you, but being successful will greatly help your SEO