How To Create High Quality Business Blog Content Efficiently

The Content Marketing Institute reports that increasing the quality of content and the efficiency of posting is a primary factor in driving business blogging success. 85% of B2B content marketers and 77% of B2C marketers cited high quality content as attributing to their success. So we know that this factor is worth focusing time and energy toward, but what are some suggestions for both being high quality and efficient?

Commit resources (time and money) to blogging

Most businesses only have a small (or one person) marketing team serving the entire organization. 55% of B2B and 49% of B2C content marketing departments are this small. For some businesses, a small department might be effective. However, a large business that needs to maintain blogs for multiple different customer types may suffer a loss of quality as the small marketing department is stretched too thin. These content marketing departments require a certain number of people and a certain budget in order to be successful. The right budget and employee numbers are different for every business need, but a dedication to supporting the business blog is key to its success.

Plan for consistent content delivery

Blog posts that are frantically put together at the last minute are rarely high quality or efficient uses of time. The writing of blog posts should be scheduled into the content marketing team’s daily schedule. This gives the writers time to brainstorm blog post topics, conduct research to support conclusions, write the article and pass it off to an editor for a proofreading check. When marketers are rushed, it’s likely that one of these important steps will be skipped. However, regularly scheduled postings are likely to proceed more smoothly for the content marketing department.

Brainstorm content topics ahead of time

Coming up with content for the business blog can be frustrating. What type of content are customers looking for? It takes some time and experimentation to answer this question. While businesses can comb the data that they have, testing out different content types is often an efficient way to determine what readers want to know. HubSpot recommends pulling ideas from: customer questions, industry trend reports, guest authors, industry books and breaking news. Customers are constantly generating more questions and news is being broken everyday, so these areas are ripe for blog writing.

Delivering high quality content efficiently may not be an easy task. But, businesses can take steps to make the process easier. The most effective process will be different for each business because it depends on each businesses’ marketing goals.

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