Consistency in Business Blogging

One of the most important things to remember when writing a business blog, is that readers will only stay if you are consistent. And there are two parts to consistency, each of them equally critical when it comes to obtaining and retaining viewers. The blog gains much of its effectiveness from being viewed, so this clearly should be a priority. You can increase your SEO without views, but it is difficult to spread your ideas and branding without them.

The first part of consistency is ensuring that you produce content regularly. It does not have to be every day, but I would suggest that content be produced once a week at minimum. This means that you will need to include the production of content into your weekly schedule. This inclusion lets you form habits of producing, noticing, and finding ideas about content for your posts. Additionally, it gives your readers something intermittent, and can retain their attention. Going too long without posting, or posting in flurries and then leaving your blog empty for long periods of time can both cause your readers to forget about you, or at least to notice your inconsistency. The message that you send through the blog can be amplified by the subtext. Are you consistent and reliable?

The second part of consistency relates to the quality of content that you produce. Churning out posts is easy, but it can be quite difficult to consistently write material that is relevant, interesting, and also accomplishes some of your goals. The most important (and most difficult) part of consistent quality is ensuring that your standards do not fall, even if you struggle to choose topics. Your writing ability, your passion, and your creativity will all be vital tools in ensuring that despite any weekly difficulties, the quality of content that you are producing does not take a drastic hit. The more you are able to become consistent in your quality, the more you will gain the trust of your readers.

Therefore, a few tips are in order. When looking to remain consistently on schedule, create time weekly (or however frequently you update) to work on the blog. If you do not put time aside, it will not happen. Second, have an editor that you can trust. Having someone else look at your content will have a twofold effect. First, the knowledge that someone you trust will immediately be viewing your product will inspire you to work harder and be more careful in your writing. Second, they can give feedback or caution when it is needed.