What It Is

While In-Market Targeting represents prospects who are actively pursuing a purchase of what your clients sell, In Funnel Site Visitors represent prospects who are actively pursuing that purchase and have already visited your website, landing page or business listings as one of their options. They are prospects who are already in your  marketing funnel and are the quickest path to profits.

This allows us to concentrate specific efforts on those already familiar with your brand and in your sales funnel.

What It Does

When we’re able to “match back” your clients’ website visitors with the information in our consumer database, we can turn an anonymous prospect into a “flesh and blood” lead — a “Demographic of One.”

This is information that you own and control…forever.

This gives you the ability to extend your marketing…to automatically send a postcard to a prospect who’s visited your website, for example. Or reach out via a phone call.

In Funnel Site Visitors is another tool that you can use to help focus your efforts and boost your profits.

How We Do It

We will need to place a tiny line of code from our SmartPixel on your  website, we’re able to capture that traffic and match back the identity of your website's visitors. We’re also able to capture  visitors’ behaviors pre- and post-click, and use that data as a training sample for a custom targeting algorithm.

This helps us further refine the targeting so that it becomes even more accurate.