Spend 25-75% Less &.Convert A Lot More.

We provide an ongoing, real-time list of the 3% of your market that is actively pursuing a purchase of exactly what you sell.

We combine Identity Resolution, Behavioral Tracking and Artificial Intelligence to produce a specific list of individuals (real people with contact information) weekly that match the exact buying behaviors of your most profitable customers.

We can also model your own website’s visitors and conversions and produce a perfect behavioral profile for your specific business that can be reused profitably  in countless ways.

Using this data we provide both full service marketing services as well as data-only engagements for lead generation, targeting optimization and cost reduction.

◎    Eliminates wasted ad spend on unserious prospects
◎    AI predictive technology w/ 95% Accuracy
◎    Dominates your prospects attention
◎    Lower CPA and a fuller pipeline

This is here.  It is real and it is producing fantastic results in more than 30 different industries.  Not sure? Watch some additional videos for more information

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Traffic Gained Needs To Be Engaged & Nurtured

Driving traffic and building an audience is hard work.  Convert more of the traffic you are already getting – automatically.

With paid marketing, literally every visit costs money.  Yet, still about 98% of visitors leave the website without engaging at all, right?  Has this been your experience?

Maybe you are converting 5% or even 10 % or more on a campaign, but I seriously doubt it.

Even then you are losing far more than not in conversion, correct?   What to do?

Our automated live support application offers all of the advantages of having a live support option on your website without having to staff it or be available 24/7/365.


Will This Work For Your Business? Let’s Find Out!

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