Driving traffic and building an audience is hard work.  Address conversion directly with traffic you are already getting.

With paid marketing, literally every visit costs money.  Yet, still about 98% of visitors leave the website without engaging at all, right?  Has this been your experience?

Maybe you are converting 5% or even 10 % or more on a campaign, but I seriously doubt it.

Even then you are losing far more than not in conversion, correct?   What to do?

Our automated live support application offers all of the advantages of having a live support option on your website without having to staff it or be available 24/7/365.

The longer you use it, the more it improves.   You can regularly monitor the conversations and see where people are getting lost or not understanding a specific feature of a product you sell.

This is immensely powerful in helping you see how your audience sees your brand, which in turn allows you to fine tune your messaging, product descriptions, provide additional details that your customers want.

You are provided (in real time) with the name, phone number and email address from your website visitors  24/7.

This is the perfect solution to:

  • Pre-qualify visitors
  • Answer any common questions (address, hours, prices, appointment requests, etc).
  • Increase ROI on marketing
  • Reduce Bounce rate
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Generate leads
  • Capture lost traffic
  • Enhance user experience
  • Get customer feedback

We proactively ask website visitors if they need help or assistance with anything.

Based on the responses or the questions that the visitor has, Carol will respond with hand written answers in any number of variations.

There is no limit to the number of questions that that can be answered, but the primary goal of Carol is to let her get your visitors in touch with you!

She will automate hours and hours per month of repetitive questions, qualifications and never takes a nap!

This part of our market arsenal is so effective that we guarantee it!   Find out more.