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Blogging as a Tool for Community Engagement

In the Internet Age, there are online communities for everything. Even products with a tiny niche market have communities which will discuss, review, and share them. Because the internet takes away the barrier of distance from social interaction, consumers are able to meet others across the world to discuss products and services they have purchased. […]

Track Customer Feedback through Business Blogs

Although many business blogs may seem to be posting frantically to up their search engine optimization, good blogs open up a dialogue with their customers. The business blog is an informal arena to discuss business topics and industry trends. Customers can have a say in this online medium by commenting on blogs or interacting with […]

If you Post a Business Blog, Will Customers Visit?

In general, having a business blog is better than not having a business blog. Every blog post increases a company’s chance of building customer appreciation by providing informational value. However, all company blogs are not created equal. Companies that claim that their content marketing through blogging is very or extremely successful apply different strategies than […]

Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking with Blogging

Everyone wants to figure out the magic formula to get to the top of search rankings on Google, Bing ad Yahoo. Showing up in the first few website options can increase clicks, visitors to the website, and, eventually, the number of customers purchasing products from the website. Google released a Search Engine Optimization Guide to […]

More Blog Posts = More Traffic and More Leads

As more companies add blog posts to their websites, a question comes up. How many blogs posts are enough? What is the right amount to attract customers to the site? The stats clearly show that some blogging is better than no blogging. A 2017 infographic from Red Website Design highlights that content marketing generates 3x […]


Facebook Relaunches Online Ad Platform Atlas

The world’s largest social media network has relaunched its Atlas advertising platform last month, focusing on improved tracking, greater cross-device compatibility, and eliminating the reliance on cookies. This move signals a heated battle between Facebook and Google, as the two tech giants aim to capture the $140 billion Internet marketing industry. It’s important to note […]

Microsoft Introduces Dynamic Sitelinks For Bings Ads

Microsoft introduced a new “hands-free” form of deep linking for Bing Ads’ advertisers earlier this week. Known as Dynamic Sitelinks, it will automatically create and display deep links within advertisers’ ads. There’s no additional steps required by the advertiser, as Bing’s own algorithm does everything on its own. To learn more about Bing’s Dynamic Sitelinks […]