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Optimizing your Blogging SEO

As blogging is often seen as a tool to improve your SEO, doing it correctly is critical. If you do not understand how to customize your blog content and writing to improve your SEO, then you are leaving potential improvements un done. Therefore, ill give you a few tips to help ensure that you get […]

Improving Your Writing

One common problem I see with business leaders who look to start a blog is that often the skills used when writing are very different from the skills they use to be successful. Many people have gone years without having to write extensively, and it shows when they attempt to pick back up the metaphorical […]

Consistency in Business Blogging

One of the most important things to remember when writing a business blog, is that readers will only stay if you are consistent. And there are two parts to consistency, each of them equally critical when it comes to obtaining and retaining viewers. The blog gains much of its effectiveness from being viewed, so this […]

Making your First Blog Post

When looking to have a business blog, there are only two steps. Get started, and don’t stop. However, like many things, this simple description belies the struggle that an inexperienced writer might go through. So, in this post I will give you 5 simple steps to making your first blog post. Know your audience. This […]

Becoming an Authority

Becoming an authority on a topic is a complicated venture that will vary greatly based on your field. Becoming recognized as an authority in interior design is a hugely different task than becoming recognized in microchip innovation. If you want to become a successful leader in your field though, a blog is a hugely useful […]

Choosing A Writer

When creating a business blog, the one who will be writing and updating the blog will need to be chosen carefully in order to ensure the success of the blog. For example, you absolutely must examine their responsibilities, and choose wisely. Depending on your current workload, it can be wise to handle the blog yourself. […]

Choosing a Photo for a Business Blog Post

When someone is tasked with writing a blog post, they often begin by focusing only on the text, and potentially forgetting about adding photos. If photos are added, it might be as an afterthought, just tacking on a hastily downloaded stock image to check a box. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure […]

Crowdsourcing your Innovation

One of the best reasons to maintain an online presence is that you can use is at a tool to fuel your own creativity and gather community feedback on your path. Blogging is tool to bring the community to you, and you to them. Do not underestimate the amount of two-way communication that can happen […]

Cultivating an Online Presence

Creating an online presence is not a passive task. You cannot simply schedule a year’s worth of blog posts, ignore your blog and social media, and come back to a devoted following. In order to successfully create a presence with clout, it will require some planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind […]

Market Research

Another way that blogging can help to drive your brands success is by cultivating an online platform such as a blog where you can interact with your customers, both indirectly and directly. This platform allows you to test the waters about potential directions for your brand, and also lets you see which ideas take off. […]