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Curating Content With Others

Sometimes the person responsible for curating social media and blog content will have access to experts or others who can provide useful information that they themselves lack. For instance, if you are creating content that is targeted to millennial first time homeowners, you might want to have how to guides and walkthroughs for content that […]

Managing Social Media

Business blogging is a key tool in the repertoire of a modern commercial venture. It, along with social media and other public communications make up the core of your interactions with the public. Therefore, having strategies in place for proper implementation of your social media and blogging content are just as, if not more important […]

Creating Useful Content

A great way to get people to share and read your posts, is to make sure that they contain valuable information. If you create content that answers genuine questions in an accessible and accurate way, you will never have a hard time convincing people to read. This accomplishes several different things, and embracing this style […]

Evaluating Content for Public Viewing

Another important thing that any content manager must do is ensure that all published content matches up with the image and standards of the company producing it. Currently, it is in vogue for companies to have social media profiles and other public mouthpieces whereby they often engage in banter, joke with the public, and otherwise […]

Using Keywords to Increase your SEO

One of the main goals of a business blog is to help your website to be found more easily by potential customers. Indexing pages which contain keywords which are likely to be searched is a great way to increase the likelihood that your page is found when these keywords are entered into a search engine. […]

Contests Online

One powerful marketing tool which benefits from a blog is running contests. If you hold promotions or like to engage your customers with prizes, a blog can be quite a powerful tool for extending your reach and increasing the excitement. Here are a few ways to use your blog to run competitions or contests. The […]

Using Your Business Blog to Coordinate Real Life Events

While most business blogging is limited to creating a digital following and influencing people to be more likely to come to you for your services, the scope of your blog can be much larger. One way that you can employ your blog differently is to use it as a marketing tool for real life events. […]

Solve Your Readers Problems

One reason why bloggers commonly focus on explaining common problems to their readers is that the most common search engine strings related to most services are questions asking how to solve certain problems. Users will take to the web wondering how to fix an appliance, how to solve a tax problem, or how to deal […]

Inserting Personality Into Writing

I touched briefly in my last post about the potential importance of inserting personality into ones writing. While not always appropriate, this type of stylistic choice can greatly change the way that your writing is perceived. At the end of the day, the most important thing in your writing is the examination of whether or […]

Serialization as a Tool for Retention

A sometimes overlooked aspect of business blogging is the implementation of strategies specifically designed to increase reader retention. While many publishers and writers talk about marketing and other devices meant to bring in first time readers, or get them to want to share posts within their networks, it can also be very useful to develop […]