Month: September 2013

Are you using videos to market your product or service? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. When used correctly, videos can even psychologically control the viewers attention, directing them to take the desired action. This is accomplished through a simple yet incredibly effective 3-step process that […]

Nowadays, with so many online stores peddling the same products, customers have very little incentive to buy from one place over another. Sure, you could try to separate yourself by having lower prices, but if you’re in a market with the big boys like Amazon, you’ll never win that war. No, competing on price alone […]

To start with, let me apologize for the title of this piece. It’s a little misleading – not because it isn’t about 301s, though. I only wish people would ask that question! No, unfortunately, far too often as I am performing website SEO audits, I see people using 301s incorrectly. We’ll often see people using […]