When building a website, it’s easy to get so obsessed with design that you overlook the most important part: web copywriting. While good design creates a good user experience, only copywriting can determine whether that person takes action.

Will your visitors make a purchase? Contact you for more information? Or will they leave without a trace? It all depends on your copywriting — so you’d better make it good.

Don’t wait until your website is done to consider your content. Smart Marketer makes it easy to get great web copy. Our professional SEO copywriting doesn’t just look and sound pretty. It:

  • Includes the keywords necessary for search engine traffic
  • Removes sales barriers by addressing objections
  • Builds urgency so people just can’t wait to buy
  • Provides the value that lets people justify larger purchases
  • Raises the ROI of all online marketing

Smart Marketer’s website copywriters have years of experience in online buying behavior and SEO. They’ll structure your web content so people stay on the site longer, browse more options, and take the desired action – whether that’s making a purchase or requesting more info.

What if I Want to Write my Web Copy In-House?

That’s fine, too. But you and your employees may not have the knowledge needed to impact online buying behavior or SEO. You only get a few seconds to catch people’s attention. If you don’t, they’ll hit the “back” button long before you make your pitch.

Our professional copywriters have an advantage: access to years of split-testing studies that prove what people (and search engines) respond to best. They use this knowledge to create a written sales funnel that:

  • Increases search traffic based on relevant keywords
  • Captures people’s attention
  • Makes an emotional connection
  • Addresses all objections
  • Closes the sale with a specific call to action

Can you do all that? Do you even want to try? By hiring a website copywriter, your staff can focus on what they do best while you reap the benefits of greater traffic and sales.

What Should I Expect?

Getting your website copywriting is an easy process that we’ve broken down into five steps:

  1. Step one is the information-gathering phase, where you and the copywriter will talk about the project during a 20–40 minute phone call.
  2. Step two is the research phase. Your copywriter will review the materials gathered and get to know your business by studying your target audience, past marketing materials, competition and any other information that may be relevant.
  3. Step three is the writing phase, during which your copywriter will complete the first draft of your SEO copywriting. This takes anywhere from five to 10 days, depending on the size of the project.
  4. Step four is the critique phase, when you review the draft and make changes as you see fit. You can request these changes by e-mail or review them by phone – you choose the method that works for you.
  5. Step five is project completion, during which your copywriter rewrites the copy if revisions are necessary, proofreads it, and gives it back to you for final approval. Smart Marketer will then insert the approved copywriting directly into your finished web site.

Don’t wait until your website is up and running to start seeing the best results. Contact Smart Marketer today for more information about professional SEO copywriting services.

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