Our web-based, proprietary online marketing reporting tool (“the Dashboard” for short) is changing the game for our customers.

It boils down all of the complicated metrics and status reporting that is normally done through web site analytics, spreadsheets and too many emails into a simple to understand interface that shows you important benchmarks like:

  • Where your ranking started – and where it is now
  • All of the emails sent to you through your website.
  • All of the phone calls that are generated through your website
  • Optional recordings of the phone calls generated through your website
  • The number of visitors for every term that brings someone to your website.
  • A simple, numerical and graphical breakdown of branded vs. non-branded visitors
  • All of the tasks for your SEM project
  • The content that is being created for your project
  • The links that are being built for your project

The use of the Dashboard keeps our team and yours on the same page and provides a level of transparency we felt our clients needed to better understand and digest.